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lookslikelove: (film: in a world that seems shapeless) (Default)
  • film: in a world that seems shapeless
Comment: pastpending | sometimes the road that you are walking on is going the wrong way
lookslikelove: (tv: sing me a song of a lass that is gon)
  • tv: sing me a song of a lass that is gon
Comment: next_to_normal
lookslikelove: (ham: write like you're running out of ti)
  • ham: write like you're running out of ti
Comment: glorafilia
lookslikelove: (marvel: among the madding crowds)
  • marvel: among the madding crowds
Comment: next_to_normal | you are a living doll riding a circle tracks behind the walls of clocks & you ruined
lookslikelove: (ham: include women in the sequel)
  • ham: include women in the sequel
Comment: glorafilia | you want a revolution i want a revelation. i'm looking for a mind at work
lookslikelove: (film: we will not grow old)
  • film: we will not grow old
Comment: inthewildwood | we shall walk and talk in gardens all misty and wet with rain
lookslikelove: (film: sound of a broken heart)
  • film: sound of a broken heart
Comment: inawhirl_icons | Oh, I think I'm gonna love you until the day that I die
lookslikelove: (tv: a weapon of massive consumption)
  • tv: a weapon of massive consumption
Comment: inawhirl_icons | I don't know what's right and what's real anymore and I don't know how I'm meant to feel
lookslikelove: (film: the way that our moment's gone)
  • film: the way that our moment's gone
Comment: inawhirl_icons | it's a lonely place that you have run to for a moment your eyes open & you know
lookslikelove: (asoiaf : all my dreams on an earthquake)
  • asoiaf : all my dreams on an earthquake
Comment: calicons | and i felt love come in through my windowpane tripping up the high road tearing down the low
lookslikelove: (ts : i can show you incredible things)
  • ts : i can show you incredible things
Comment: bangparty | you look like my next mistake. love's a game, wanna play?
lookslikelove: (ts : gonna go down in flames)
  • ts : gonna go down in flames
Comment: bangparty | boys only want love if it's torture. don't say i didn't warn ya
lookslikelove: (tv: stay in resistance)
  • tv: stay in resistance
Comment: inawhirl_icons | If I could see you now, if you would listen Every fault would fade into the distance
lookslikelove: (act: and away they did run)
  • act: and away they did run
Comment: iconsforbitches | don't go thinking you gotta be tough, and play like a stone. could be there's nothing else in our live
lookslikelove: (riv: some twin peaks level shit)
  • riv: some twin peaks level shit
Comment: rachelberrys → tumblr