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Hello there, dear author!

I somewhat apologize for the delay in this letter. I meant to post it sooner, but it has been sitting in my email inbox half-forgotten until I got a little nudge. Secondly I would like to apologize for the crazy nature of my requests. They're a little absurd, I know and I just want to say straight away that I will likely love anything that gets written. I just like that a little thought was put forth!

However I am human so there are a few things that I am just not terribly keen on. Namely non-con, use of rape-as-redemption/motivation for badassery (without being fantastically well handled, a la Deerskin by Robin McKinley), out-right beastiality and something else that I am forgetting that I can't quite remember so it must not be terribly bothersome. I'm not against slash (m/m or f/f), I like gen stories just as much as I like ones that are shippy. I love character explorations and plot-heavy action stories. I enjoy new things. I'm a huge fan of short stories (not in length, per se, but rather self-contained) but don't let that be something that ruins it for you!

But you asked for a few specifics, so I shall seek to provide what I can!

The Hour
Requested: Freddie Lyon, Bel Rowley - I love a great "will they/won't they" tale. I love angst and undercurrents of "I want to, but I don't want to ruin what's already there." I don't care how this story develops or if it scraps everything and goes entirely AU. Just something.

I really love this program. I'm not seeking this to be a fic about romance, though if it goes there I am not opposed. I like their dynamic, I like the possibilities of their shared history and what they wanted from the future. This is fascinating to me. It could be a big, epic tale or it could take them in a noir or AU fashion, spinning them into a universe that isn't canon. I'm okay with whatever happens!

14the Century CE RPF
Requested: Henry V of England - HOW DO I EXPLAIN THIS ONE? Um I can't but I will try in my dear author letter. Because these two were kids together in the household of Richard II and then Henry IV tried to marry them off to each other but Isabella of Valois (Richard's child widow) refused and my mind sort of ran away with that bit of history. There must be some sort of backstory! Something that went amiss! And yeah. I just want to know where someone else's mind would go with this. I'm thinking doomed teenaged affair? Or you know, something

God I am sorry. I should just apologize to you outright for this. Once upon a time I was reading a biography of Richard II for some reason or another, having just read the Shakespeare play and the follow three Henry plays. It sort of nestled into my head this idea of a could-have-been, backstory-madness thing based on the fact that Richard II's final wife was this little girl who was raised in the castle with Hal-who-would-be-Henry and a little game of "what if". Namely, I was intrigued by the fact that legend has it that Henry IV suggested that Isabella marry Henry V and the girl refused (which means that there must have been some significant reason why Henry IV would allow it). I'm okay with their relationships with other people at the time or if you throw in a bit of Shakespeare. Have fun!

Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms
Requested:Retellings! I love modern AUs or noirs or crazed mashups of different stories. I'm not picky. I love everything!

This one pretty much does what it says on the tin. I'm sorry that I didn't give a particular story, though I'm fairly open to any regardless of origin of the tale. I like the 12 Dancing Princesses, but that's a strange one, nearly anything from Grimm. I am feeling a bit more of a modern retelling of various tales, but going dark is always okay (I love Neil Gaiman's Snow, Blood, Apples as well as the book The Girl with the Glass Feet).


That's what I've got so far off the top of my head. When it comes to ratings I am okay with the whole gamut. I'm not going to limit you!

Thanks so much! Happy writing!

Lina (lookslikelove)

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