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[picspam| casting marvel's original x-men & brotherhood]

Stef & I have this huge crazy plan to cast the entire Marvel Universe between the two of us which says that we have a special sort of mental disorder between the two of us. But it would be a very productive sort of illness. I swear.

These are the original teams of the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants from way back in 1963, when they were shiny and new and you could tell your enemies were evil because they were communists. Something like that. Long story short: what goes on with these teams, their diversity (or lack there of) gives away a lot about what would come to pass in the future (aka the 1970s). And one day we'll cast those teams too.

professor x

charles xavier


scott summers

marvel girl

jean grey


henry "hank" mccoy


warren worthington III


robert "bobby" drake


erik lehnsherr


mortimer toynbee

scarlett witch

wanda maximoff


pietro maximoff


jason wyngarde

Professor X: Patrick Stewart
Cyclops: Matthew Bomer
Marvel Girl: Amy Adams
Beast: Eddie Cahill
Angel: Paul Walker
Iceman: Dustin Milligan
Magneto: Ian McKellen
Toad: Sam Rockwell
Scarlet Witch Alexa Davalos
Quicksilver: Toby Hemingway
Mastermind: Timothy Olyphant

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