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I watched Gossip Girl last night and while this did not immediately bug me, it was not until my phone battery died tonight in the middle of Chipotle and I was cursing the Gods of Moto that I realised something:

What is wrong with this image? Let me tell you: Little J is using her own mobile. Sure at the time she is calling a business manager (who will probably use her for shady means/white slavery/prostitution/sweatshop labour), I want to pose the nagging question. Why does she still have service? If my child had run off to be a vagabond/tramp/wear-all-of-the-eyeliner-Georgina Sparks left in the Western Hemisphere, I would cut off her mobile phone service faster than you can say "Can you hear me now?". How does Rufus not know that she is going to use it to call her drug dealer/pimp combo? Of course he can naively hope that she will use it to call him to kiss and make-up but if she really wants to do that, she can use a pay-phone or her dealer's phone. Or the one phone call she gets from lockup.

Bad move Rufus. And let's not even get me started on how this family manages to get a new phone every six months when they are meant to be part of the "disenfranchised" in "Brooklyn" (which is clearly DUMBO and not Williamsburg). That one hit of yours but must be raking in the dough amongst the Gen Xers, Rufus. Or it is your hush money from Bart about yours & Lily's secret baby.

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