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[fandom's a battlefield]

I swear to high heaven I am not normally this spammy with the polls. I think I have just lost my mind and am just waiting for it to come wandering back. This might take somewhere between four to six days to weeks, but you know? I can wait.

[Poll #1282848]
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I say keep the polls coming. And if you happen to see my mind wandering about as you search for yours, send it over this way. :) *resumes assembling search party*
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Emily Gilmore pwns all. Except maybe Mrs. Kim. :D

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While I do love both Chuck and Logan, Logan wills. Though, I think XOXO has canonized Chuck sooner than Logan was.

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Heh, also, pardon my stupid spelling error. OY!

But yeah, I still know people who hate Logan. I don't think I know anyone who watches XOXO who doesn't like Chuck.

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I was terribly close to choosing Emily Gilmore, if only for the fact that she was once a badass field hockey-playing Smithie. But the rest of the time she just pisses me off.

Edited--House played lacrosse, Emily played field hockey. Facepalm.
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Such tough choices! I didn't vote in the categories where I don't watch any of the shows, obviously. Bed show about medicine was tough because Grey's used to be awesome and then got okay-ish and House used to be super awesome and then got crappy with these new ducklings so I voted Grey's, but lately I'm not a huge fan of either. But I still love reruns of both! I like House reruns better so I probably should've voted for that. And for favorite soapy mess, I couldn't choose between OTH, 90210, and Gossip Girl! Those are some of my favorite shows lately! haha. I think I voted OTH though.