lookslikelove: (dw.determination comes from top down)
[the princess of the paupers.] ([personal profile] lookslikelove) wrote2008-07-16 04:44 am

[after this i'm going to have to burn my lj]

Okay, I blame the fact that a) I tried to sleep & failed and b) [livejournal.com profile] saint_renegade posted the High School Musical 3 trailer and I watched it. Now I am plagued by questions such as "how are all these short guys playing basketball?" and "where is the 'she made out with someone else by her locker' drama??".

But more importantly, I have to ask one really big question. Since it's five am and I've lost my mind.

Someday, they will all being a made-for-tv film in which they play long-lost brothers. At least they will if there is a God. I will even write the script for it. If they need someone.

God. I hate that I googled stuff for this. Really, I do. Except not at all.

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